Braden Barrie & SayWeCanFly

This week, my guest is Braden Barrie, also known as SayWeCanFly. Braden is a musician and lyricist from Canada who has been writing, making, and distributing his own songs since he high school. He has a giant following in Canada and the U.S. A lot of his songs are thematically dark and contemplative; therapeutic in some ways. I really enjoy his songs and getting to know a little bit about him. I’m sure you will too.

Special thanks to Mikey Selenis for making this interview happen.

SayWeCanFly is opening for Plain White T’s Beginning in November.

Go to Plainwhitets,com for tour info and tickets!


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Neil Sandilands

Join me this episode where I am honored to get to speak with Neil Sandilands. Neil has been acting for a number of years, and you know him from: CW’s The Flash, Hap & Leonard, The 100, and The Americans. Neil and I talk about some pretty interesting stuff AND he lets us hear a beautiful song he did a few years ago called ‘BREINSKADE’ sung entirely in his native language of Afrikaans!!


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Sam Medina

This episode is with actor & director Sam Medina. We talk about growing up in Viet Nam, the process of coming to the U.S., surviving hurricane Katrina, and launching his acting career, his inspirations, and working with Kimbo Slice. You can see Sam in theaters now in the Mark Walberg action movie MILE 22, in October in Tom Hardy’s VENOM, and in December in James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez animated film ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL.

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Marty Yu

Lucky me! I got to hang out with Mary Yu at his home in L.A. I have been listening to Marty’s podcast; THE NOONER, since it debuted almost in June of 2011. It is the first show I listen to every week. In this episode we get to know Marty: where he grew up, what got him into acting & podcasting, we find out he was an athlete (what?) and Marty tells us a story about him, raw clams, and Jimmy Kimmel.


Check out Marty’s podcast THE NOONER on The Smodcast Network and everywhere podcasts are available.


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Scott Takeda

Actor Scott Takeda chats with me for a bit about his first successful career, which was broadcast journalism. Then we talk about his switch to acting, again successfully! Scott is blowing up. He can currently be seen in The Tale (HBO), Drunk History, and The Man In The High Castle. You have seen him previously in: Gone Girl, The Dallas Buyers Club, The Space Between Us, and a ton more.


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Chef Damaris Phillips

This episode is my conversation with Chef Damaris Phillips. Damaris won season 9 of The Next Food Network Star, had her own T.V. show called Southern At Heart, currently one of the gorgeous faces of The Food Network’s various competition shows, and her current Food Channel show Southern and Hungry with Rutledge Wood.

“Suddenly what you’re eating matters less than who you’re eating it with” — Chef Damaris Phillips

“Damaris is one part southern belle, one part southern trucker” — Guy Fieri


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Tecumseh! 2

In this episode I return to Chillicothe, Ohio to interview the CEO and producer, as well as 6 of the actors in this breathtaking and important story. We talk about how they came to be in this drama, what the heck a producer actually does, what they all get out of it, and how relevant this story still is. Special thanks to Kevin Raney for helping make this happen.  This episode includes:

Actors: Etienne Wegrzyniak, Malcolm Hayden, Ella Embry, Robert Neal, Susan Leist, Kim Greenwalt, and

CEO / Producer: Brandon Smith

Purchase Tickets;

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Jarrod Bunch Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my inspiring interview with Jarrod Bunch! In this episode we talk about his multiple foot & knee surgeries, the end of his NFL career, transitioning into an actor; where he appeared in Shaft the movie, Django Unchained, and even played George Foreman! We also talk about competing in the Pan Am Games this past March, and a (potential) head coaching position in the works!


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Jarrod Bunch Part 1

Last February I had the opportunity to meet up with ex NFL Running Back & Full Back Jarrod Bunch. In this episode we talk about him growing up in a tiny town in OH, competitive weight lifting in high school, NFL Draft Day in 1991 (where he was drafted in the first round), and we talk about his fantastic rookie season with the New York Giants. This is part 1. Make sure you come back this Thursday for part 2. This is a great story of adversity, triumph, more adversity, and even more triumph.


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Ed Asner

This week my guest is Ed Asner. Depending on your age; you know him from The Mary Tyler Moore show, Lou Grant, even the Pixar blockbuster UP. We talk about The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant, his touring one man show: A Man And His Prostate, and we even talk about Ed’s newest book: The Grouchy Historian. Last month Ed Asner allegedly passed away in a car accident. I ASSURE YOU THAT THIS IS NOT TRUE. I KNOW THIS FOR 100% CERTAIN. THIS WAS A RIDICULOUS HOAX.

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The newest podcast episode is up!