Raelyn Nelson

Raelyn Nelson was sweet enough to invite me into her green room before a show in San Antonio a few weeks ago. We talked about her new band Raelyn Nelson Band and her new duo MMHMM. We talked a little about her iconic grand father, her famous musical family, and even how she pulled her kids out of a “This Is Us” style house fire! Support both of her new bands, they are each unique and face melting in their own way!


Raelyn’s Social Media:

Twitter: @RaelynNelson / @MMHMMBand

Insta: @RaelynNelson  / @RaelynNelsonBand / @MMHMMBand

FB: Raelyn Nelson / Raelyn Nelson Band / MMHMM

Amazon Link to Raelyn Nelson Band album: https://amzn.to/2K9gBBv

Amazon Link To MMHMM album: https://amzn.to/2tyYZEH

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Angela Lese

Drummer extraordinaire Angela Lese hung out with me for a bit to discuss her past and present bands, her new marriage, living in Louisville & Nashville, and being a touring musician with Taco Mouth and Raelyn Nelson Band

Twitter: @Tamachick @TacoMouthBand

Instagram: @TamaChick

FB: Angela Lese

Website: AngelaLese.com

Amazon Link to W.G.A.F. by Taco Mouth: https://amzn.to/2IZSDaf


Photo Credit Erik Anderson @eafoto



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Brittany Quagan

This episode is with psychic medium and author of young adult fiction; Brittany Quagan. We talk about growing up in Connecticut, discovering her gift, and her young adult book series based on a teenage character named REN.



Follow Brittany on:

Twitter: @BittyInWndrlnd

Insta: @BrittanyBoop123

FB: Brittany Quagan

Link to Ren: Awakened: https://amzn.to/2LC9VrA

Website: BrittanyQuagan.com



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Elizabeth J. Carlisle

This week I talk with actress Elizabeth J. Carlisle. We talk about her working with Nate Dogg as well as Betty White, and of course the just released season 2 of her show THE RICH AND THE RUTHLESS which airs on The Urban Movie Channel.




Follow Elizabeth J. Carlisle on:

Twitter: @ElizabethJC01

Insta:  @ElizabethJCarlisle

FB: Elizabeth J. Carlisle


YouTube Mustard Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J-AwFdl8T0&t=



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John Pirruccello

Shortly before HBO’s Barry came out; I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of it’s stars; John Pirruccello (Det. John Loach).

We talk a little about his career and a little about me; but mostly, its just two guys enjoying each other’s company over lunch at a rather loud Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank.

John’s social media:

Twitter: @JohnPirruccello

FB: John Pirruccello

Insta: @GnomeAdder

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Lili Bordan

Lili Bordan is an actress on stage, screen, and film. Currently she appears in the Jane Fonda film BOOK CLUB, as well as LIVE OR DIE IN LA HONDA and (coming soon) WELCOME TO CURIOSITY. This delightful young lady took some time out of her much needed vacation to talk to me about the path that led her to her blossoming career. We had a good time…. ENJOY!


Twitter: @LiliBordan

Insta: @LiliBordan

FB: Lili Bordan

Website:  Lilibordan.com

Link to “Live And Die In La Honda”: https://amzn.to/2xtNrXJ




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Master Sergeant (Ret) Leroy A. Petry

This episode is with Master Sergeant (Ret) Leroy A. Petry.

This decorated Amry Ranger is only the second living recipient of The Medal Of Honor since The Viet Nam War.

Leroy was gracious enough to take some time out and talk with me about his life, and the events that led to his injuries.

Happy Memorial Day. Find a Veteran and thank him or her.

Twitter: @LeroyPetry

Instagram: LeroyPetry

FB: Leroy Petry

Charities: TroopsFirstFoundation.org

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Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama

In this episode I sit down with 4 of the actors from the outdoor stage production of Tecumseh! This is the story of the Indian Chief and his role in America’s Westward Expansion. This drama takes place in Chillicothe, Ohio (about an hour outside of Columbus, Oh) every summer for the past 40+ years. The drama includes cannon fire, musket fire, fight scenes, and about a dozen live horses! Honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen. check it out at tecumsehdrama.com


Actors interviewed in this episode are:

Steven Torres, Susan Leist, Bendi Donnel, GabrielMustin


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Vinnie Tortorich # 2

Vinnie Tortorich comes back on to talk about his new documentary FAT: A Documentary and the Indiegogo campaign to help get it made!

Man I love this guy. He has really been good to me and Fascination Street Podcast. Help him out with this crowd funding campaign; there is a little something EXTRA in it for my listeners, so PAY ATTENTION!!


Twitter:  @VinnieTortorich  #NSNG

Insta:  VinnieTortorich

Website: Vinnietortorich.com

IndieGoGo link:  https://igg.me/at/fatdocumentary/x


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