Doug Romer

Have you ever wondered who in the hell makes CUSTOM sneakers? I mean the DOPE AF ones that you only see on super famous rich athletes, and TV stars? Me too; so I found one of the most creative and mind blowing sneaker artists in the game and had a super FASCINATING interview with him. This is that interview. His Name is Doug Romer, but he is most widely known as THE ORIGINAL SHOE CHEF. This guy is amazing. You can check out his shoes on Instagram and social media (scroll down), and you WILL be seeing this guy’s work very, VERY soon! Enjoy…..

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Scott Churchson

This episode is with New Jersey actor and all around nice guy Scott Churchson @scottchurchson You know Scott from America’s Got Talent (what the hell is a finger contortionist?) as well as acting roles in: The Duece, and Gwendolyn.  We talk about his podcast FILM YAP,  as well as his involvement with A Shared Universe Podcasting Studio, being the voice of The New Jersey Devils, and his more than 700 days acting on set!

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Phil Rossi

Sit in with me as I get to interview one of the earliest podcasters; and one of my podcast inspirations: Phil Rossi. In this episode we talk about getting into podcasting over a decade ago, him getting into music, his writing science fiction based horror novels, his new Patreon project, and he lets me play the absolute COOLEST SONG EVER!!!

(There is a give away in this episode so pay attention)


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Dan Pulzello

This episode is my interview with NYC comedian Dan Pulzello. In this episode we talk about how his family name was changed at Ellis Island, the best pizza EVER, why anyone would play Lacrosse, and Dan’s upcoming charity comedy show at The Comic Strip Live.


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Trine Christensen

In this episode my guest is the lovely actress Trine Christensen. You know her from The Brave, Preacher, Breaking Bad, and most recently Netflix’s Godless. She was such a delight to speak with! We chat about coming to America from Denmark, what she misses from home, as well as the WORST showbiz advice she ever received and the reasons that every actor should take improv classes!

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Hannah Fairlight

This episode is with super busy musician Hannah Fairlight. In this episode we talk about how being raised by hippies influenced her music, recording her first album at 13, her first gig being at CBGB, as well as her film debut in Pitch Perfect 3, and her band ‘MMHMM’ with Raelyn Nelson and her solo career as Hannah Fairlight.

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Steven O’Reilly

This episode is my chat with long time professional drummer, teacher, and podcaster Steven O’Reilly. In this episode we talk about how he ended up in Louisville, Ky. as well as his previous band, his current band, we also talk about the significance of the number 47, and The Bar Star Podcast (his show).

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Paul Feig

This week acclaimed director & producer Paul Feig joins me on the show. We talk about why he got into show business, Freaks and Geeks, why he dresses like a dapper British spy, The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, and his new Hitchcockian psychological thriller A Simple Favor (starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively) IN THEATERS NOW!

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Audrey Walters

This episode is with actress Audrey Walters. Audrey can be seen in AMC’s Preacher, ABC’s Killer Women, and the upcoming western film Big Kill. In this episode we talk about her growing up in Texas, what got her into acting, and her organization Talk To The Camera; which is a program that helps get kids comfortable in front of a camera.

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A. J. Garces

This episode is with San Antonio based comedian A. J. Garces. In this episode we talk about his previous career as a pop musician, his getting into stand up comedy, his podcast Amine Boys, and his new comedy website *** A.J. will be performing stand up at The Aztec Theatre in downtown San Antonio on Sept 20th! join me, tweet at me, I have FSP stickers to give out.

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