Jarrod Bunch Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my inspiring interview with Jarrod Bunch! In this episode we talk about his multiple foot & knee surgeries, the end of his NFL career, transitioning into an actor; where he appeared in Shaft the movie, Django Unchained, and even played George Foreman! We also talk about competing in the Pan Am Games this past March, and a (potential) head coaching position in the works!


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Jarrod Bunch Part 1

Last February I had the opportunity to meet up with ex NFL Running Back & Full Back Jarrod Bunch. In this episode we talk about him growing up in a tiny town in OH, competitive weight lifting in high school, NFL Draft Day in 1991 (where he was drafted in the first round), and we talk about his fantastic rookie season with the New York Giants. This is part 1. Make sure you come back this Thursday for part 2. This is a great story of adversity, triumph, more adversity, and even more triumph.


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Ed Asner

This week my guest is Ed Asner. Depending on your age; you know him from The Mary Tyler Moore show, Lou Grant, even the Pixar blockbuster UP. We talk about The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant, his touring one man show: A Man And His Prostate, and we even talk about Ed’s newest book: The Grouchy Historian. Last month Ed Asner allegedly passed away in a car accident. I ASSURE YOU THAT THIS IS NOT TRUE. I KNOW THIS FOR 100% CERTAIN. THIS WAS A RIDICULOUS HOAX.

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Twitter: @TheOnlyEdAsner

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Amazon link to Ed’s newest book: https://amzn.to/2MXrMuS

Link for tickets: www.amanandhisprostate.com

Link to Autism website: www.edasnerfamilycenter.org

Link to donate: www.edasnerfamilycenter.org/donate



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Mondo The Moonrock

During my last visit to Los Angeles, I met a fellow out-of-towner. We got to talking and as it turns out he is a rapper from Cleveland. We traded information and after I got back home, Mondo called in to let me interview him. There are a couple of clips of his songs within, but be sure to purchase his music from wherever you buy music. Amazon link below.


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Bri Bagwell

I caught up with SIX time consecutive (and current) Texas Female Country Singer of the Year Bri Bagwell at a show in Cibolo, Tx recently and we talked in her tour bus while she was getting ready to go on stage. Super friendly and extremely talented; Bri graciously granted me permission to play a couple of her BRAND NEW songs on this episode! She is a great live performer; so be sure to check her website for tour dates near you.


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Instagram: @BriBagwell

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Website: BriBagwell.com

Amazon Link to Bri’s Album: https://amzn.to/2Lp5HnZ

Songs included: Cheat On Me  &   Graffiti


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Adam Tsekhman

You know Adam from the CW’s mega hit show LEGENDS OF TOMORROW; where he plays Gary Green, an agent with the Time Bureau. In this episode we talk about growing up in Canada, acting in Russia, Legends of Tomorrow, and his upcoming movie DRAGGED ACCROSS CONCRETE starring Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn.



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Gary Green Pop figure: atomicoctopusdesigns.com


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Dan Davidson

This week, Comedian and actor Dan Davidson chats with me about getting started in comedy, transitioning to acting, and his new film Sicario: Day of the Soldado. IN THEATERS NOW!


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Facebook: Facebook.com/GoSeeDan


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Tom Malloy

Actor, writer, producer, and film fund raiser Tom Malloy chats with me this week about his Amazon show Midtown, his upcoming graphic novel Badass Girls and his book Bankroll: A New Approach To Financing Feature Films. We also talk about what made him decide to wear so many hats, and we talk about his feature film #Screamers currently out on iTunes and VOD everywhere.

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Twitter: @TommyMalloy

Insta: TomMalloy

Amazon Link to Tom’s book: https://amzn.to/2Mt3ec6

Amazon Link to Midtown: https://amzn.to/2Mq0Qmd

Link to Film Making Videos:  FilmMakingStuffHQ.com

Tom’s Links:






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Joseph Lyle Taylor

This week’s guest is Joseph Lyle Taylor @JosephLTaylor. Joe has been an actor for some time now; appearing in The Dark Knight Rises, Justified, and currently the Amazon show Sneaky Pete. Joe talks acting, writing, and tells some good stories about his career.



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Raelyn Nelson

Raelyn Nelson was sweet enough to invite me into her green room before a show in San Antonio a few weeks ago. We talked about her new band Raelyn Nelson Band and her new duo MMHMM. We talked a little about her iconic grand father, her famous musical family, and even how she pulled her kids out of a “This Is Us” style house fire! Support both of her new bands, they are each unique and face melting in their own way!


Raelyn’s Social Media:

Twitter: @RaelynNelson / @MMHMMBand

Insta: @RaelynNelson  / @RaelynNelsonBand / @MMHMMBand

FB: Raelyn Nelson / Raelyn Nelson Band / MMHMM

Amazon Link to Raelyn Nelson Band album: https://amzn.to/2K9gBBv

Amazon Link To MMHMM album: https://amzn.to/2tyYZEH

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