Izzy Presely

This week I talk to Izzy Presley from Another FN Podcast. Currently living in Los Angeles; Izzy is the consummate host! He hosts a couple of podcasts, weekly live music events, even the rare Rock N Roll themed cruise! Super cool dude…. um… did I mention he is in ACK!.. an Ace Frehley tribute band? Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Tamea Agle

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Howie Abrams

Howie Abrams is a former record executive, turned book author. We chat about everything from being in Manhattan on 911, to managing record labels, to becoming friendly with HR from Bad Brains, and what it was like hanging out at CBGB’s during it’s heyday! Enjoy!

“You think you know, but you don’t know, you know?”- Howie Abrams

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Click on the photo of Howie’s book, for a link to more info,

Hip-Hop Alphabet

Jacob Trevino

I got to sit down with the owner and creative mind behind Video Archive, The Overlook Lodge, and Gorilla Cinema! Great interview, really good lessons in perseverance, and you HAVE TO VISIT!

Special thanks to Kevin Smith ( @ThatKevinSmith ) .

And Gina Grad ( @GinaGrad ) for helping me discover this super cool guy.

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Serena Scott Thomas

Recently I took a trip to Los Angeles and during that trip I was able to get an interview with Serena Scott Thomas. We talk about her early modeling career, her movie career (including being a BOND GIRL!), her relationship with Vinnie Tortorich, and the play she is currently starring in called TWO FISTED LOVE; playing at The Odyssey Theatre in LA.

I also float an idea for a 10 episode podcast for Serena and Vinnie to do together called FIT TO BE TIED!

Help me get that hashtag trending! #FitToBeTied

Reach out to Serena on social media:

@SerenaST09 on Twitter

@SScottThomas on Instagram



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Jeff Cesario

This week I got to chat over the phone with veteran comedian, two time Emmy winner, & multiple ACE award winner Jeff Cesario.

Jeff and I talk about starting out in Minnesota, his numerous Johnny Carson appearances, writing for talk shows for Dennis Miller, Larry Sanders, & Queen Latifah, and developing the ridiculous yet lovable Chet Waterhouse into a podcast SENSATION!

Be sure to follow Jeff at @RealJeffCesario and follow Chet at @ChetWaterhouse and subscribe to his new podcast PLAY WITH PAIN!


Catch Jeff Cesario every couple of weeks on The Adam Carolla Show.

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Author Kim Terry

My wife and I went to this quaint little bar in Comfort, Tx and there happened to be a lovely young lady doing a book signing. So naturally I interviewed her so I could introduce her to you guys! There is a special give away in this one….. so pay attention!

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Click on the photo link below to buy Kim’s book!

Kerri Kasem

This week I got to chat with the talented Kerri Kasem.

She is a radio and TV personality; as well as a motivational speaker and activist. We talk a little about her career, about her father, an up coming Las Vegas speaking engagement, and about how she is taking a legal fight state by state to end a very specific type of elder abuse.

The link to her event; the 10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas Feb 22-24, 2018 can be found here: https://10xgrowthcon.com/

The link to her organization; The Kasem Cares Foundation can be found here: Kasemcares.org

You can find more information about Kerri at:


on Twitter: @KerriKasem

on Instagram: @KerriKasem

On Face Book: Facebook.com/Kerri-Kasem

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Dee Murthy


I was lucky enough to get to interview Dee Murthy Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Five Four Club / Menlo Club.

I have been a member for quite some time now and Mr. Murthy was kind enough to call in and chat with me for a bit.

We discuss his origin story and his belief that KARMA has a lot to do with his success.

Click on the Menlo Club photo link below and get a great deal on your first month’s package.

I promise you wont regret it.

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Menlo Club