Beau Button – President / CTO (Atlas Reality Inc)

Beau Button
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Beau Button. Born and raised just outside of New Orleans, Louisianna; Beau quickly became obsessed with the personal computer. while he was still in single digits, Beau began taking these machines apart to see what made them work, and how he could improve them. He basically never stopped doing that. In this episode, we chat about what got him interested in computers, and why he collects them to this day. We take a bit of a detour and talk about his short stint working at The Piggly Wiggly, before diving headfirst into his company: Atlas Reality Inc. Beau explains what the company is, what the company does, and why he thinks this was a market that need to be addressed. I took the opportunity to grill Beau on the meanings of: Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3; and he helps me understand what the heck all that means. Next, we address the virtual reality space and how he thinks he and his company can make an impact there. Beau explains how the blockchain technology can revolutionize more than just banking. Finally, he tells me all about his location-based gaming company Atlas Reality Inc, and their games Atlas Empire, Atlas Earth, and (coming soon) Atlas Mars. All along the way, we talk about virtual reality, AI (artificial intelligence), NFTs, Pokémon Go, and