David Mittelman – PHD / CEO – Othram (DNA Crime Lab)

David Mittelman
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know David Mittelman. David is a PHD and the CEO of Othram. Othram is a DNA testing lab dedicated to helping law enforcement find the identities of both unknown perpetrators, and un-named victims. In this episode we chat about how he got into the DNA scientist game, and why he started Othram. We also talk about exactly what Othram does, and what goes into their end of helping solve a case. We dive a bit into a couple of the more notable cases that Othram has helped law enforcement solve; including the 46 year old sexual assault and murder of Carla Walker. We end the show explaining exactly what YOU can do to join in the fight to bring names to the nameless with justice through genomics.
Special thanks to my buddy Vincent from Gone Cold (Texas True Crime) Podcast for connecting the two of us.
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