Arielle Raycene – Actress (Confidential Informant / Bupkis)

Arielle Rayene
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Arielle Raycene. Arielle is an actress, model, and tech start up entrepreneur. In this episode, we chat about how she got started in modeling at a very young age, then transitioned into commercial work, before taking some time off to go to college. Next, we dive into how she got back into modeling, and acting, we discuss some of her recent credits including, Kill Her Goats, Confidential Informant, and Bupkis. Arielle tells us what it is like to work with Mel Gibson, and Pete Davidson, and she explains what the ladies see in Pete. Naturally we talk a little bit about the SAG / AFTRA strike, before finally covering her new tech start-up company called Real AF. This new company will work with Apple Goggles in the spatial web. Along the way, we talk about child obesity, catch 22s, Andy Warhol, Kim Kardashian, and a whole lot more!