C.J. Pierce – Founding Guitar Player (Drowning Pool)

C.J. Pierce
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know C.J. Pierce. C.J. is the founding guitarist for the platinum selling rock / metal band, Drowning Pool. In this episode, we chat about how the band formed, and how they got their first record label contract. Then we talk about the insane success of their first album, Sinner, which was certified platinum six weeks after it was released. Then we touch on the mega-hit ‘Bodies’, and how it keeps popping up in popular culture. It was featured in a recent episode of Queen Latifah’s television show The Equalizer (on CBS), and it was just used by Shaquille O’Neal in his latest rap single release. Obviously, we discuss Ryan McCombs’ return to front Drowning pool, and their latest tour. The SNAFU tour begins in early September, and is a national tour featuring: Drowning Pool, Saliva, Adalita’s Way, and Any Given Sin. Drowning Pool’s newest album, 2022’s Strike A Nerve, was not handled very well by their at the time record label, so C.J., explains their decision to become an independent band. Lastly, we each share a Pantera story or two, as C.J. is friends with some of those guys. He is kind enough to let me play the title track from the newest album: Strike A Nerve, and I it is as Drowning Pool as it could possibly be! Go see them on The SNAFU tour!