Ed Asner – Actor / Legend

This week my guest is Ed Asner. Depending on your age; you know him from The Mary Tyler Moore show, Lou Grant, even the Pixar blockbuster UP. We talk about The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant, his touring one man show: A Man And His Prostate, and we even talk about Ed’s newest book: The Grouchy Historian. Last month Ed Asner allegedly passed away in a car accident. I ASSURE YOU THAT THIS IS NOT TRUE. I KNOW THIS FOR 100% CERTAIN. THIS WAS A RIDICULOUS HOAX.

Ed’s Social Media:

Twitter: @TheOnlyEdAsner

Instagram: @TheOnlyEdAsner

FB: Ed Asner

Amazon link to Ed’s newest book: https://amzn.to/2MXrMuS

Link for tickets: www.amanandhisprostate.com

Link to Autism website: www.edasnerfamilycenter.org

Link to donate: www.edasnerfamilycenter.org/donate