Emily Whitehurst – Singer / Songwriter (Survival Guide / Tsunami Bomb)

Emily Whitehurst
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street, as I get to know Emily Whitehurst. Emily first gained recognition in the pop punk bands Generic Asphalt, and Plinky; before gaining world wide acclaim as the front woman for Tsunami Bomb, and later The Action Design. In this episode, we chat about her getting into music at a very young age, how she came to be involved in each of those bands, and some stories from the road. She also explains what it was like to play a ridiculous number of Van’s Warped Tour shows. We also touch on why she moved to San Antonio, Texas, and how that opened the door for her to have her very first Christmas tree as an adult! Then we get into her newest band, Survival Guide, and her new album Death Dreams. I love this album; so we talk about a good bit of it. She explains why she used some household items as instruments on some songs, which songs are actually about death dreams, and she lets me play my favorite track from the album. Plus, she talks about teaming up with a San Antonio country band, to play some shows, and release a song together! Check out Death Dreams, available everywhere, and follow her to see where she tours next!