Sandi Morris – Olympic Pole Vaulter (Silver, 2016)

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Sandi Morris. Sandi is an Olympic pole vaulter (USA) who won the silver medal in the 2016 games held in Rio De Janeiro. This interview happened quite accidentally. My friend works for an airline and noticed her pole vault bag and posed with it outside her terminal window. Sandi took some photos and posted them on social media. My friend’s wife saw those posts, and reached out. So thank you to both Laura, and John Barnett!
In this episode Sandi and l chat about why she decided that pole vaulting was for her, and we talk about some of her path to get to where she is. We also laugh hysterically at the verbiage that is used in her sport, and how the current pandemic could alter her 2020 Olympic goals.
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