Tom Malloy Returns! – Actor / Producer (Ask Me To Dance)

Tom Malloy Returns!
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know even more about Tom Malloy. Tom is a writer, producer, actor, and now director. Having produced over a dozen films, Tom finally decided to direct one! In this episode, we chat about why he decided to finally take that next step, and how that made him want to type cast himself as a director. He tells us all about his new film Ask Me To Dance; which he wrote, starred, produced, and directed. It also stars previous guests Gabriel Jarret & Jesse Kove; as well as the enigmatic Joyce DeWitt!. Tom shares stories from the set, and even gives us some glimpses into some fun he had on other sets…. like when he got to dance with Betty White in a film! Tom explains what a producer is and what a producer does (because I am always confused about that); and finally, he explains a little about crypto currency and how it is making it’s way into financing productions in film and television.
Keep your eyes out for his new film: Ask Me To Dance!
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