Donald Carpenter – singer / musician (SubmerseD / Blisskrieg)

Donald Carpenter
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Donald Carpenter. Donald was previously the lead singer for the rock band SubmerseD, and Eye Empire; and currently fronts the new rock band Blisskrieg. Blisskrieg is comprised of Donald, and the three founding members of Days Of The New and Tantric. (Todd Whitener, Matt Taul, and previous guest Jesse Vest)
In this episode Donald and I chat about how he got into the music business, how his first 2 successful bands got together, why he took a break from the music business, and how this new band came to be. We do briefly discuss some of the pitfalls and downsides of the music business, as well as some behind the scenes stories about how this new album got made during Covid 19. Donald does let me play one of the songs off of Blisskrieg’s new album Remedy (available everywhere), so Thank you Donald!

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