Sir Daniel Winn – Fine Artist / Philanthropist

Sir Daniel Winn
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Sir Daniel Winn. Daniel is a fine-artist, curator, and philanthropist. Because of his philanthropic work. Daniel was honored with the title of “Knight: in 2018. In this episode, we chat about his harrowing experience coming to America, living homeless on the streets AFTER medical school, realizing his passion for artistry, and eventually becoming a world-renowned fine artist and using his position to help those less fortunate. We discuss his contribution to the Asian World Film Awards; where he designed and crafted the award statuettes, and his personal philosophies with regard to universal truth and the impact of the kindness of strangers to one another. OBVIOUSLY, I ask how, why, and who knighted him!
Daniel has TWO galleries in Beverly Hills and one in Vietnam.
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