Zack Schreier – Entrepreneur (Quevos / Lifestacks)

Zack Shreier
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Zack Schreier. Zack is the co-founder of Quevos Egg White Crisps, as well as co-founder & CEO of Lifestacks Supplements. In this episode, we chat about his many small business ventures beginning in middle school, going through high school, and of course college. While in college, his best friend Nick Hamburger and he started yet another business. But this one had legs. Together they came up with a “snack chip” made out of egg whites. Zack tells us all about the process from conception to manufacturing, and everything it takes to get a product from his imagination to grocery store shelves. I ask Zack all about his experience on ABC’s Shark Tank, and he shares details about the offer they accepted from Kind Bar founder Daniel Lubetzky. Next, we discuss his OTHER new company: Lifestacks Supplements, in which he is the CEO. This company is focused on blending nutraceuticals & fasting, to create a more balanced and well-maintained metabolic health. Zack shares the reasons behind starting this company, and discusses some of the products, and purposes, as well as the reasons he got into the health and fitness industry. Along the way, he explains exactly what Type 1 Diabetes is, and how it relates to these two business ventures. Finally, Zack tells everyone how they can get a free trial sample of Lifestacks MCT Powder to try without paying for it upfront.
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