Paul Sidhu – Actor / Screenwriter / Producer (Repeater / 2307: Winter’s Dream)

Paul Sidhu
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Paul Sidhu.
Paul is an actor, producer, screenwriter, and………. dermatologist. In this episode we chat about why he decided to get into the medical field, and what he felt was missing, even with a thriving medical practice. He tells me about his decision to become an actor, and how he broke into the business; once in India with Bollywood, and again in Los Angeles. We discuss why he stepped away from Bollywood, after his first successful film, and how he started over again in LA. He explains the lucky meeting of Joey Curtis, and how they teamed up to bring “2307: Winter’s Dream” to the big screen, as well the story behind Paul’s newest release “Repeater” co-starring alongside Nick Moran, and Corbin Bernsen, and directed by R. Ellis Frazier. Finally, Paul shares some on set stories about working with Tom Sizemore and some of the tips he learned from the seasoned actor, and whether or not he will continue to work in the film industry and still maintain his medical practice.