BONUS: Ed Asner’s 2 Appearances (Joined) Re-Release

Ed Asner 1929-2021
This is a bonus episode (re-release) of Ed’s two prior appearances on the show; joined into one episode.

On Sunday, August 29th, 2021 we lost an American icon.
Ed Asner was an actor from the mid 1950’s up until the day he passed; with roles in 13 films yet to be released and roles in 7 television shows, also yet to be released.
Ed served 2 terms as the president of The Screen Actors Guild from 1981 to 1985.
He won 7 Primetime Emmy Awards, was beloved by generations, and was consistently a polarizing and outspoken political activist.
More important than any of that (at least to me), is that Ed was a guest on my show not once, but twice. He could not have been more of a delight either time. Both appearances were to promote new books he had authored; and the second appearance was at his request!
This bonus episode is those two conversations; joined into one episode.
The first one was released July 25th, 2018 and at that point; the audio quality of the show wasn’t the best. Please hang in there as it is a fun episode.
The second episode was released August 10th, 2020; little more than 1 year before his passing.
In the second episode, Ed speaks fondly of his family and talks about them in great detail. This is heartfelt and you can feel the love and the longing for days long passed.
Ed was more kind to me than I could ever have hoped for; and will always hold a special place in my heart.
Blessings on a life well lived Mr. Yitzhak Ed Asner; thank you for your kindness, you will be missed.