John Graziano (Graz) – Maker (Making Fun / Graz Makes)

John Graziano (Graz)
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know John Graziano; or Graz, as he likes to be called. In this episode, we find out what exactly is a maker, how Graz came to be a maker, and how he came to be associated with the most elite of The Maker Community. Naturally we discuss his Netflix show MAKING FUN, how those folks were discovered, and what it was like to make a television show based on being a MAKER. Along the way, we discuss the MAKER community on You Tube, and some of the amazing things that this community does, as well as the core principle of sharing knowledge. Lastly, we chat about the amazing hand-crafted knives that Graz Makes.
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