Shawn’s Picks #4 Herb Alpert

Shawn’s Picks: Herb Alpert

Hey Streetwalkers. THANK YOU SO MUCH for inspiring me to get to 400 episodes!
As you may have guessed; lm taking March “off” from releasing new episodes.
HOWEVER; all month long, l will be releasing some of my wife’s very favorite episodes, in a “Best Of” style.

So expect a re-release of an older favorite every weekday; with an all new intro from my wife, explaining why she chose each specific episode.

Keep in mind that these are in no particular order, and l’ll be back in April with all new episodes.

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-Steve Owens
Fascination Street Podcast

Herb Alpert
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Herb Alpert. Herb is a multi platinum selling recording artist, producer, multiple Grammy winner, record company executive, philanthropist, and founder of A & M Records. In this episode we chat about when Herb first knew he wanted to play music, why he started a record company (with Jerry Moss), and a few stories behind some of his biggest hits. Herb does let me play a couple of those hits before I talk about his new film Herb Alpert Is… available everywhere now.
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Twit: @HerbAlpert
Insta: @OfficialHerbAlpert
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