Makenzie Phipps Returns! – Singer / Songwriter (Life Gives You Love)

Makenzie Phipps Returns!
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know even more about Makenzie Phipps. This is a return episode, so we don’t start from the beginning of her story. If you missed it, go back and check out her first appearance on the show (7/3/23). Makenzie is a country music singer, songwriter, and musician. Her music has been featured on Country Rebel, as well as television, radio, and all of the streaming platforms. In this episode, we chat about what Makenzie has been up to since we last spoke. We discuss her move to Nashville, the passing of Loretta Lynn, meeting and working with Rhonda Vincent, and various charities that she works with. We then go on to talk about the difference between her country songs, and her gospel hymns, plus some fun stories about her and her writing / music partner Shane Bagley. Finally, we chat about her recent Alice Rising Star Award, he children’s charity Amp Up For Kids, and her new singles. While ‘You Bring The Beer (I’ll Bring The Noise)’ is climbing the charts, Makenzie released an even newer single called ‘Life Gives You Love’; which she graciously allows me to play in this episode! Don’t miss her Christmas tune ‘Christmas Snow’, and catch her debuting songs left and right on RFD-TV, and stay tuned for 2024 tour dates across the country.