Bill Wiese – Author (23 Minutes in Hell)

Bill Wiese
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know New York Times Best Selling author Bill Wiese. On November 23rd, 1998, at 3 am; Bill went to hell. Several years later, he wrote a book about his experience there. In this episode, we chat about a crazy shark attack he survived (unscathed) in Florida as a young man, and how it affected his relationship with surfing. Then we jump right into his out of body experience, trip to hell. He describes in great detail what the trip was like both getting there and getting back. Bill also shares his very detailed account of the sorts of torture that he experienced while there. During this episode, he does share some lighthearted and fun stories, and what he feels his mission is after this experience. I ask him why he thinks he was chosen for this, as well as some tips on how to steer clear of that place. This is the most religious heavy episode ever to be released on Fascination Street. I am not a super religious guy, but when I ran across Bill’s story, I had to know more. Bill also has a weekly podcast called ’23 Minutes in Hell’, as well as Bill Wiese TV on You Tube. Get the book, check out his podcast, and see if any of this sparks a change, or an inspiration to do so.
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