Dale Peterson – Writer / Director (In Through The Out Door / Hello, My Name is Frank)

Dale Peterson
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Dale Peterson.
Dale is the writer / director of the upcoming television series ‘In Through the Out Door’.
In this episode, we chat about his career. Starting as a music video director in the Detroit area, Dale made a name for himself in the music scene and quickly became a ‘go to’ for music videos. We touch on Dale’s early struggles with dyslexia, and how he overcame some of those obstacles. Then we talk about a couple of documentaries that Dale made a few years ago; one was about the homeless population on Skid Row in Los Angeles, and the other was for National geographic about the return of wolves into Yellowstone national park. Of course, I ask him all about his feature film Hello, My Name Is Frank, which is a road trip comedy about a man with Tourette Syndrome. Then we move onto his newest project: In Through the Out Door, which is In Through the Out Door stars: Garrett M. Brown, Martin Copping, Christine Kilmer, and Jesse C. Boyd. Dale is very frank, open, and honest about his struggles with dyslexia. I applaud him and appreciate his generosity and candor. Thank you, Dale.