Christopher Maher – Ex Navy Seal / Author (Free for Life) / Healer (True Body Intelligence)

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Christopher Maher. In this episode, we chat about the family tragedy and events that led to his growing up in a group home built by Milton Hershey, what inspired him to join the U.S. military and become a Navy Seal. Then we follow his path from the military, to studying the practice of traditional Chinese Medicine. We talk about why he made that decision, and what he has learned from these studies. Next, we discuss his True Body Intelligence teachings, and how he helps people find ‘supreme clarity’ by creating a more balanced relationship between one’s yin engergy & yang energy. Finally, we find out what FREE FOR LIFE means, and why he wrote a book about it. We laugh a lot, we get serious a lot, and we get real. I’m sure Christopher will be back, so stay tuned!