Mario Andretti – Driver Of The Century (F-1, Nascar, IndyCar)

Mario Andretti
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Mario Andretti. In this episode Mario and I chat about what brought his family to The United States, and how he and his twin brother Aldo got bitten by the racing bug. He shares some of his favorite memories of his driving career (which spanned from 1959 to 2000). We talk about some of the automotive innovations that started in racing and are now on every passenger car made; He also tells me what it was like to win the Daytona 500, The Indy 500, and the Formula One World Championship. Finally, we close the show out talking about his post racing businesses which include a winery, and the nationwide Andretti Indoor Carting and Games entertainment complexes. (I do challenge him to a race at the one near my house!)
Mario is a legend and a national treasure, who has made a name for himself all over the world in his sport as well as his compassion and generosity. It was a great honor to speak with 3 time US Driver of the Year, US Driver of the Quarter Century, and Driver of the Decade.
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