Kordel K. France – CEO / Founder (Seekar Technologies)

Kordel K. France
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Kordel France.
Kordel is the CEO and c-founder of Seekar Technology; an artificial intelligence technology company based in Dallas, Tx. Seekar offers an “Advanced Technology Platform” for a more “Mobile, Explainable, and Ethical AI”. In this episode, Kordel explains what exactly is AI or artificial intelligence, and why he decided to get into that field after growing up on an Idaho potato farm. He also explains some of the things that can go wrong if AI isn’t monitored, and what can go wrong if it IS monitored. We explore some of the potential uses for AI going forward, and then we discuss what exactly his company Seekar Technology DOES. Generally speaking, I would say that an in-depth discussion about artificial intelligence would be boring and dry as hell; but not this time! Kordel brings wit and humor along for the ride. We have fun the whole way through. You might even learn some things AND have a good time doing it! Finally, we end the show with what I thought was a ridiculous question about crypto currencies; but Kordel brings the knowledge in on this subject as well!
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Twit: @KordelKFrance
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Website: Seekartech.com