Jesse Vest – Musician (Days Of The New / Tantric)

This episode is my conversation with Jesse Vest. Jesse is the founding bass player for the 90’s rock band Days Of The New and ALSO the founding bass player for the 2000’s rock band Tantric! This was a fun conversation with an actual rock star. In this episode we talk about what drew him to music, his time with Days Of The New and Tantric, as well as his past and present relationship with one time best friend Travis Meeks. We also talk about his podcast: CrasherCast, and his current band The Louisville Crashers. Also Jesse lets me play one of their songs!

Jesse’s social media:

Twit: @CrasherCast

Insta: @TheCrasherCast

Grab a copy of Jesse’s ICONIC work:

Days Of The New debut album:

Tantric debut album:

Check out Jesse’s current band:

Check out Jesse’s podcast CrasherCast on iTunes or wherever.