Lori Fetrick – “Ice” From American Gladiators

Lori FetrickTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Lori Fetrick. As the character “Ice” from the iconic reality competition TV show American Gladiators; Lori Fetrick kicked ass and took names. In this episode, we chat about her early life, growing up in ‘the church’, and how this monstor competitor was created! She tells us about her insane work ethic, her never ending motivation, and what led her to seek out one of the oddest jobs of the early 1990’s. Lori shares how she became an American Gladiator, some of her fun stories about being a Gladiator, and what she has been doing since then. There are T-W-O recent documentaries about the American Gladiators, and she breaks them both down. One of them is a bizarre puff piece about the creator, and one is an actual legit docu-series about the show and the team. Finally, l grill Lori about her new podcast “Chillin’ With Ice”. We nerd out a little about podcasting in general, and then she explains why she started a podcast, and what she hopes to share with her listeners. I had so much fun with “Ice” that I can’t imagine she won’t come back on to discuss season two!