reaLation – Grunge / Alt / Metal band

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Vincent Lane, Matt Loucks, and Steve Feliciano from the band ‘reaLation’.
reaLation is a concept based grunge alternative metal band who dedicates itself to seeking the truth.
In this episode Vincent, Matt, and Steve sit down with me to discuss; how they each found music, how they met eachother, and what their music is about. Their music definately has a passion, and a message. Through music, the band seeks to shed light on some of the more problematic real life issues and concerns of our time. The four of us have a pretty good time talking about all things music; from everyone’s first concert, to their newest releases, and projects down the road. They even let me play their newest single on the show! Follow ‘reaLation’ on social media for more music and upcoming show / tour dates.