Michael Lukk Litwak – Writer / Director (Molli and Max in the Future)

Michael Lukk Litwak
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Michael Lukk Litwak. Michael is the writer & director of the new science fiction romantic comedy (sci-fi-rom-com); Molli and Max in the Future. This film stars Zosia Mamet and Aristotle Athari, and debuted at the SXSW film festival. In this episode, we chat about shat made Michael want to become a filmmaker, and why he chose to study at NYU Tisch. Then we get into his film making career. He started with several short films before his first feature film, Molli and Max in the Future. Michael shares some of his behind the scenes process with regard to some of the practical effects used in this fantasy space love story. Michael also lets us in on a little secret about putting the final touches on the film just days before its SXSW debut. Of course I ask him how Zosia and Aristotle came to be in the picture, and what he hopes this inventive film will do for his career going forward.
Be sure to check out Molli and Max in the Future, streaming everywhere!