Liz Miele – Comedian (The Ghost of Academic Future) / Author (Why Cats Are Assholes)

Liz Miele
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know comedian Liz Miele. In this episode we chat about being born in Columbus, Ohio and never visiting as an adult, how ancestry sites like 23 & Me is affecting our supposed heritages, and why she was drawn to comedy. Next, she shares some heartwarming stories about how legendary comic God George Carlin helped mentor her in her early years, and the story behind her feminist sexual position viral video. We discuss the limitless comedic well that is her mother being a competitive power lifter, what she really thinks about the institution of marriage, and the difference between a good audience and a bad one. Finally, we talk about her new book: Why Cats Are Assholes, and her tech startup Lizrdmail.
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