Nicole Arlyn – Actress (Til Death Do Us Part)

Nicole Arlyn
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know actress, author, producer Nicole Arlyn. In this episode, we chat about her growing up in a small community where there may have been some artistic elements to the local water source! Then we discuss what made her choose Ohio State University, and compete in The Miss Ohio beauty pageant, before leaving it all behind to follow her dreams as an actress in Paris, France. She tells us what brought her back to New York to study at The Neighborhood Playhouse, and what famous magician finally talked her into going to Los Angeles to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Along the way, Nicole shares stories of some of her acting projects like: Pot Luck, Clay Pigeons, and Til Death Do Us Part. Of course, I ask her what it was like to work with such greats as: Joaquin Phoenix, Michale Imperioli, and Jason Patrick. Finally, we get into why she decided to write 26 fantasy novels, including The Sugarspear Chronicles…. which she is turning into films with her 8 year old son and their Bird I The Wild production company. This is a lot of fun, and a wild ride, to be sure. Enjoy!