Chris Weatherman – Author (The Survivalist Series) / Podcaster (Angry American Nation)

Chris Weatherman
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street, as I get to know Chris Weatherman. Chris is well known in the Survivalist & preparedness communities. He is also a super successful author; penning both The Survivalist Series (Going Home) and The Charlie’s Requiem series, and the host of the popular podcast Angry American Nation; which covers civil unrest in various countries around the world, as well as provides tips and skills to help keep you off the grid, and more self sufficient. In this episode, we chat about his early life and careers, before diving into what made him become an author, and why he chose to live and write in the survivalist space. He shares a couple of tips on how to be better prepared for natural disasters, and local civil unrest; if that day comes. He explains why it is important to be prepared to provide for yourself and your loved ones. Chris also shares his thoughts on hurricane preparedness, and names an item or two that every person should have at the ready.
Be sure to check out his books in The Survivalist Series; with Exploring Home as the newest release. You can also subscribe to his podcast Angry American Nation for fun stories and tips on how to survive any crazy stuff that may happen.