D. Elliot Woods – Actor (Everything) / Author (Rise of the Unicorn)

D. Elliot Woods
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know D. Elliot Woods. Elliot is an actor, and author. In this episode, we chat about how he got into acting, and some of the super talented people that have helped him along the way. For starters, his babysitter was a man who went on to be one of the most celebrated actors of all time! One of his college professors, is one of the most highly regarded, and respected actresses of all time! Even his cell phone number used to belong to a time traveling super star. We discuss some of his projects, including Friends, and Star Trek. Elliot tells me about the differences between working on Friends one week, and Star Trek the next. He shares fun stories from the set, working with: Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, and Jonathan Frakes. Of course, I ask him to tell the story of how “The D. Elliot Woods Rule” came to be, and how he set the bat for Wal Mart commercials. Finally, we dive into his new novel: Rise of the Unicorn. This book is a fantastic suspense thriller. It is action packed, with great storytelling, and even an underlying message of morality, and justice. The audiobook is available EXCLUSIVELY through Audible; but the dead tree version is available everywhere. We do touch a little on his forthcoming novel: Eleven Minutes and Fourteen Seconds. Enjoy!