Shawn’s Picks #21 Sammi Haney Returns

Shawn’s Picks: Sammi Haney Returns!

Hey Streetwalkers. THANK YOU SO MUCH for inspiring me to get to 400 episodes!
As you may have guessed; lm taking March “off” from releasing new episodes.
HOWEVER; all month long, l will be releasing some of my wife’s very favorite episodes, in a “Best Of” style.

So expect a re-release of an older favorite every weekday; with an all new intro from my wife, explaining why she chose each specific episode.

Keep in mind that these are in no particular order, and l’ll be back in April with all new episodes.

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-Steve Owens
Fascination Street Podcast

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know even more about return guest Sammi Haney. This is Sammi’s second appearance on the show, and she holds the record for being the youngest guest ever to appear on Fascination Street Podcast. Sammi is an actress and inspiration. She plays Esperanza on Netflix’s Raising Dion, which just released their second season. In this episode we chat about Sammi, Ja’Siah (Dion), and Gavin (Johnathan) playing on the set, and getting up to shenanigans when they aren’t working. We also talk about how much she is looking forward to season two. Sammi tells us how she spent her Covid, about some recent surgeries, and her new pet! We also have some laughs about how much fun it is to work on Raising Dion and to be best friends with the other kids on the show. I mean they all play Minecraft together!
Obviously there are no spoilers for season two; but go back and watch season one if you haven’t. Special thanks to Sammi’s parents Matt and Priscilla for once again making this happen.
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Insta: @SammiHaney
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