Greg Payne – Podcaster (The Cool Grandpa) / Author (My grandpa’s Grandpa)

Greg Payne
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Greg Payne. Greg is the host of; The Cool Grandpa Podcast, the author of ‘My Grandpa’s Grandpa’, and a friend. In this episode, we chat about the experiences Greg had with his grandparents, growing up, that made him want to start a podcast dedicated to grandfathers. We exchange stories about our respective grandparents, and we discuss what drew Greg to podcasting in general. Greg touches on some of the early difficulties of starting his own show, and how its going now. Then we talk about the new children’s book: My Grandpa’s Grandpa. This is a sweet story about a grandson who doesn’t want to go to sleep, and stretches bedtime out by asking his grandpa, about HIS grandpa. This is a heartwarming story that came from Greg’s actual life (more or less), and it is perfectly executed in this children’s book. All along the way, we trade stories about podcasting, getting older, who this book & podcast are for, and of course, grandparents!
Greg has graciously provided a discount code for #streetwalkers who want to purchase this book. For the rest of 2023, anyone who uses the promo code FS25 at checkout, will receive a 25% discount!
Make sure you snatch this book just in time for the holidays!