Jeremy Asbrock – Musician (Gene Simmons / Ace Frehley)

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Jeremy Asbrock. In addition to being married to the lovely (and previous guest) Hannah Fairlight; Jeremy is a lifetime rock and roll guitar player. Jeremy has been playing guitar in bands for decades, and is currently the touring guitar player for BOTH Gene Simmons AND Ace Frehley when they tour their solo projects. In this episode we chat about what got Jeremy into music, and how it came to be that he gets to tour with these ICONS of rock. We also chat about some of the off stage experiences of hanging with these guys, as well as Jeremy’s band The Rock N Roll Residency. Jeremy does let me play one of their songs! Enjoy…

Photo by: Words Cant Explain Creations (Somonauk, Illinois) 

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