Natasha Blasick – Actress (Paul T. Goldman / Moms Rising / Karaganda)

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know actress Natasha Blasick. Born and raised in Ukraine, Natasha felt drawn to learn English at an early age and found an escape in acting not long after. In this episode, we chat about growing up in Odessa, before following a boy across the world to The United States. We discuss her rapidly growing acting career, which includes several films and television shows either out now or coming out soon. (Karaganda, Moms Rising, Immortality) She shares a few stories from the set of Jaime Foxx’s directorial debut: All-Star Weekend; including motivational words from both Jeremy Piven and Jamie Foxx himself. Finally, Natasha shares her recent experiences as the bass player for the band Snowflakes, with her husband Martin. She even lets me play one of their more popular songs called ‘Ukraine Will Prevail’.