Vyasar Ganesan – Teacher / Docuseries Star (Indian Matchmaker)

Vyasar Ganesan
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Vyasar Ganesan. Vyasar is a teacher at a very prestigious high school in Austin, Tx. HOWEVER…. you may ALSO know him as one of the stars of the first season of the smash hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaker! In this episode Vyasar and I chat about growing up as an Indian American in Texas, and why he got into teaching. We spend a short time discussing his stint working for The Food Network in NYC before we get into his time on the Netflix show; why he did it, what his experience was like, and if he would do it again. Vyasar may very well become my new best friend. We had such a great time talking that this could easily have been a 3 hour conversation. What a pulled together nice guy. Seriously, you’re welcome!
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