Nick Leisure – Director (A Clear Shot / Last The Night)

Nick Leisure
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Nick Leisure.
Born and raised in Sacramento, Ca. Nick is a screenwriter, producer, and director. In this episode, we chat about growing up in Sacramento in his stern Asian grandparents’ home, stumbling into the hip hop recording business, and breaking into the film and television industry. Nick tells us about a project that he was / is working on about Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow (a Hong Kong born felon with ties to San Francisco Chinatown street gangs: Triad Ho Wop To, The Hop Sing Boys, and Ghee Kung Tong. He also tells us about his being on the scene of “The largest hostage rescue operation in US history”, and why he wrote and directed a movie called A CLEAR SHOT in 2019 based on this event. Then we move right into his latest film called LAST THE NIGHT starring Brian Austin Green. We discuss what the film is about, why he chose to tell this story, and what makes it timelessly relevant. Lastly, I pitch Nick a film idea based on the life story of a previous guest!
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