Jonathan Cilia Faro – Tenor (Opera) / Chef (The Mob Chef)

Jonathan Cilia Faro
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Jonathan Cilia Faro. Jonathan is a professional opera singer; more specifically, a tenor. In this episode, we chat about his growing up in Sicily, listening to opera, and why. We also talk about how he honed his singing skills, and what brought him to the United States. (Spoiler alert, he came to the U.S to follow “The American Dream”. Jonathan explains why he is grateful to be an American citizen, and what America means to him. We discuss some of his recent singing projects, including working with Alan Parsons, Gary Chapman, and Donny Most. Plus, we get into his upcoming show alongside comedian Brad Stine: Spirit of America, on November 12th, at the Fisher Center in Nashville, TN. Along the way, we talk about how and why Jonathan became known as ‘The Mob Chef’, and why he enjoys cooking so much. He often appears on television programs and talk shows Cooking and singing at the same time! Jonathan has a new album out called Romantico, and he lets me play one of his newest releases, a duet with Vanessa Campagna!