John M. Phillips, Esq. – Attorney (Jordan Davis / Joe Exotic)

John M. Phillips, Esq.
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know John M. Phillips, Esq.
John is a Wrongful Death & Civil Rights attorney, and legal commentator based in Florida; and founding partner of Phillips & Hunt located in Jacksonville, Florida. In this episode we chat about why he became a lawyer, and how much Gregory Peck had to do with his decision. We also discuss one of his first big cases, which involved the killing of Jordan Davis, and how that particular case has affected his life journey and legal career. Naturally we dive into his involvement in Netflix’s Tiger King series, who he represented, and why; as well as why he now represents The Tiger King himself, Joe Maldonado A.K.A. The Tiger King. Lastly, I ask John why he bought a trolley, and what he plans to do with it!
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