Andrea Osvart – Actress & Host / Coach (Spy Game / Festival di Sanremo)

Andrea Osvart
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Andrea Osvart.
Andrea is a model, turned actress & host, who also coaches other actors succeed in entertainment through conscious choices and managing their resources effectively. In this episode we chat about her growing up in Tamasi, Hungary; before moving to Budapest. We talk about how and why she became a model, plus some of her modeling adventures around the globe. Next we delve into why she became an actress and touch briefly on some of those acting projects; including working with Robert Redford on Spy Game, and moving to Los Angeles for a period. Then we discuss her time in Italy and hosting the decades old fixture of Italian television: Festival di Sanremo. This is a music festival that helps decide which national act will be sent to The Eurovision Song Contest to represent Italy. Andrea tells us how hard it was to film 2 movies and Dancing With The Stars: Hungary all at the same time during the Covid pandemic shut down! Finally we get into her coaching & therapy business and why she felt it was necessary to offer these services to the acting community. Be sure to catch Andrea on the Amazon Prime show The Therapy this year, and her piece in the book series: Transforming Your Life.

If you feel you could benefit from Andrea’s coaching & therapy expertise, reach out via her website: