Rachel Dolezal – Yes, THAT one!

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know THE REAL Rachel Dolezal. In this episode we chat about where she grew up and what it was like to grow up feeling like she did not belong. We also talk a lot about race and it’s place in society; as well as some of the differences in which different people are treated. Of course we talk about the events that catapulted her name into the public eye, the family events that instigated that entire mess; and what she is doing now.
I know a lot of folks have a preconceived idea about this young lady; but my hope is that you will listen to this woman’s story with an open mind. Maybe, just maybe, by the end of this episode; you will have attained a touch more compassion and understanding about what she went (and is still going) through. This was a very big honor for me and my sincerest wish is that all of you enjoy it as well.
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