Marilyn Ghigliotti – Actress (Clerks / Clerks 3)

Marilyn Ghigliotti
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Marilyn Ghigliotti. Most of you will recognize Marilyn as Veronica from Clerks and Clerks 3. In this episode, we chat about where she grew up and how her upbringing led her to become an actress. We also talk about how she came to be involved in Kevin Smith’s first film; Clerks. Marilyn shares some of her stage acting stories, and how she met Brian O’Halloran. I ask her about her experience acting in a film about a film that she starred in called Shooting Clerks, what a surreal moment that was, and where that project is now. Finally, we discuss her newest directing endeavor, a short film called A Mother’s love; some of the obstacles, and hurdles it took to get it made, and its premiere at the most appropriate film festival on the planet: Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle Film Festival in New Jersey!