Jeremy Swift – Musician / Actor (Ted Lasso / Downton Abbey)

Jeremy Swift
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Jeremy Swift. You may know Jeremy from Downton Abbey, Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, or the Wachowski Siblings’ epic Jupiter Ascending. But you may not know that Jeremy is arguably a more talented musician, than he is an actor.
Just kidding. He is superb in both endeavors!
In this episode, we chat about how he came to be an actor, and some of his first roles. I mean he toured with a cabaret troupe that played shows in various prisons! Holy Moly! Of course, we discuss some of his experiences on the previously listed projects, and a couple of others. I ask him what it is like to work with his wife on set, and he spills the beans on Ted Lasso season 4!
Jeremy also shares the story of why he chose to get his Sag / Aftra card, and his upcoming film: “Descendants 4: The Rise of Red”.

Next we get into music. Jeremy started playing music at a very early age, and we definitely dive into that aspect of his creativity. Jeremy shares stories of his punk phase, seeing The Sex Pistols live, and his thoughts on the “Oi!” movement of the late 70’s. Jeremy has a new album out called “Songs of Escape and Endless Night”, which is catchy as hell. We discuss a couple of the tracks from that album, and he lets me play my favorite song from it. Jeremy shares his love for David Bowie, building synthesizers with his dad, and Christo Fernandez working on Jeremy’s new album.

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