Kinky Friedman Bonus (1944-2024)

Kinky Friendman 1944-2024
In the summer of 2021, Kinky Friedman invited me into his home at Echo Hill Ranch; and graciously let me interview him. We spoke for 3 hours. We had shots. We laughed. He shared stories, and he  played (live) a song he had written just the night before. (Banjo, Sophie, and Me).

Even though I did not “know” him, he had an impact on me. I shared my experience of that day with anyone who would listen. He let me play four of his songs, when I released that interview. He even PREFERRED that I use the Willie Nelson version of one of them. He was Kind.

He was hilarious.
He was rough, brash, sincere, & vulnerable.
I have thought of my time with him often & will carry those hours with me forever. His interview is some of “my” best work. His 2 part episode rises above most of my endeavors. I have combined them for you (the listener) here.

Thank you, Kinkster.
Rest easy. -Steve