David Packouz – Former International Arms Dealer / Entrepreneur (Singular Sound *BeatBuddy)

David Packouz
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know David Packouz. After growing up in Jerusalem, Israel and moving to Miami, David became an international arms dealer; sourcing arms & munitions for The United States Army, to help supply wars and conflicts in The Middle East. In this episode, David tells me how exactly this came to be, how successful he was at it, and how he ended up getting into some serious trouble with The U.S. Department of Justice. David was looking at the possibility of more than 300 years in prison! David’s story became the inspiration behind the 2016 film War Dogs, directed by Todd Phillips; starring Miles Teller as David. The film was based on an in-depth article written by Guy Lawson, for Rolling Stone magazine. We also discuss his post arms dealing career as an inventor and entrepreneur. David founded Singular Sound, a company that develops and manufactures innovative new products for musicians. Singular Sound products have garnered huge accolades in the music industry, and continues to rank among the top companies that musicians swear by. Singular Sound’s first and most notable creation is the BeatBuddy “Drummer in a Foot Pedal” device that was actually inducted into the Guitar Player’s Hall of Fame in 2015. We also talk about the several other innovative products this company offers. Then we get into David’s NEWEST invention, that has nothing to do with music at all! He, and his brother, re-invented the water pick. Instead of a single jet stream of water, The InstaFloss has 12 independent jet streams! This episode goes all over the place, as you can see. David even lets me play one of his own songs! ENJOY!