Kacy Ritter – Middle Grade Book Author (The Great Texas Dragon Race)

Kacy Ritter
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know middle grade author Kacy Ritter. In this episode, Kacy and I chat about her growing up traveling the world and visiting countless European castles. Then we delve into what it takes to be a writer. She humors me by discussing her first attempt at writing a novel. She wrote nearly 90,000 words and then scrapped the whole darn thing. I spend most of the episode telling her how to release it, and under whose names to do so; while Kacy tries to keep us on track to discuss her NEW book: The Great Texas Dragon Race. When I say ‘new book’, I mean it! This book comes out TOMORROW. We talk about why she decided to write this book, and why she chose this specific age range for her stories. We also talk a little about her forthcoming novel: The Marfa Monster Mystery. The plots of both of these books are refreshing and unique, and I can’t wait to read them! I think you, or someone you know will be excited too! Lastly, we nerd out about a mutual favorite place to visit called Meow Wolf. It’s one of her and her husband’s favorite places, and one of my wife’s and mine as well. The Great Texas Dragon Race comes out Aug 1st from Clarion / Harper Collins.