Antonio Longo – Musician (Taking Back Sunday) / Podcaster (Fascination Street Podcast)

Antonio Longo
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Antonio Longo. Antonio is a Long Island native who fell in love with music at an early age and eventually helped form the pop punk band Taking Back Sunday. In this episode we chat about all things music; what got him into it, when he started playing it, and what led to him becoming the original singer for Taking Back Sunday. We also talk about some of the other bands he was in, and how being in a band is like having FOUR girlfriends! Of course we discuss his newest and most recent love… PODCASTING! During covid, Antonio (like many others) was searching for a creative outlet to replace performing live and going to concerts. So he found podcasting and married his love of creativity and his love for his favorite band ever: The Cure. Antonio started a podcast dedicated to The Cure and named it…… Fascination Street Podcast! When I found this show, subscribed, and listened (haven’t missed an episode) I just had to reach out to get him on MY podcast. As it turns out; Antonio is NOT a dick, so he agreed and we had a blast chatting like high school girls.
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