Noah Asher – Author / Speaker (Chaos: Overcoming the Overwhelming)

Noah Asher
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Noah Asher. Noah is a young man who grew up pretty involved in the church. Some things happened, and he ended up spending a little time in prison. While in prison, Noah found his life’s purpose. He also wrote a book. In this episode, we discuss how he became involved with the church; even though most of his family was not. Then we dive into some of the events that led him down a path that would eventually lead to his incarceration. We jump around a bit and discuss everything from Zaxby’s chicken to Chik-Fil-A, to Eeyore’s birthday party, Lupis, and prison yoga. Noah also discusses his consultant company and shares some stories from being out in the field. Finally, we get into Noah’s book. It’s called ‘Chaos: Overcoming the Overwhelming’. Noah tells me why he wrote it, who he wrote it for, and gives some book signing tips to new and upcoming authors. Anyone who has struggled with: religion, addiction, hope, illness, self-doubt, or adversity; should check out this book. It’s a sort of road map to seeing things more clearly, and a guide to pulling yourself out of that mindset. Follow Noah on Instagram at TheNoahAsher, and drop him a line at